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WOWCube® System

WOWCube® system is the World’s first mixed-reality entertainment device that combines the best from classical 3D puzzle cube and video games and delivers an unprecedented immersive experience where virtual gameplay is controlled by physically tilting, twisting, and shaking the device.

It’s an interesting and exciting gadget with tons of games and features, like smartphones and consoles.

At the same time, it’s a Smart Educational platform for cognitive and motor to brain development for kids and the whole family designed to keep it far from the eyes thinking in 3 dimensions.

It is a stand-alone digital device that uses a Tangible interface and Mixed Reality to create an exciting development environment with unusual characteristics in which puzzle-like dynamic games can work.

Cubios Inc

Cubios Inc. is a company based in Novato, CA which focuses on hi-tech consumer robotic toys and entertainment game platforms design, development, marketing, and distribution. Cubios inc. was founded as an independent research, development, and manufacturing company focused on cutting-edge technologies. Cubios Studio is a game studio for Digital Apps & Widgets.

Ilya Osipov President&Founder

Savva Osipov Inventor

Max Filin CEO