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WOWCube (render) in widgets mode

WOWCube is a game console or an electronic puzzle shaped as 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube. Serving as an example of a tangible user interface, it consists of eight identical elements working as a whole. The surface is covered by 24 screens.

It allows the launching of specially designed games.

It is a stand-alone digital device that uses a Tangible interface and Mixed Reality to create an exciting development environment with unusual characteristics in which puzzle-like dynamic games can work.

The main difference from mechanical puzzles is that you can run many different games on the cube, more than one game, and they are not necessarily puzzles. With some imagination and creativity, the WOWCube® system turns in to a multipurpose device. When you’re not using it, the WOWCube® system goes into screensaver mode, in which different screens display different widget apps. It’s a standalone device and it connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.


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