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WOWCube® system is the World’s first mixed-reality entertainment platform delivering a uniquely immersive experience. Powered by patented technology, unique CubiOS operating system patented and 24 interactive multi-media channels, WOWCube® the system is the next generation cube you twist, tilt and shake for gaming, learning, and content.

Main topics:

Our company has built an operating system from scratch, and this is where things get interesting.

The operating system allows each cube to act independently, but it can also interact with other cubes and share data. Moreover, the the operating system can scale up to handle as many cubes as necessary and in any configuration, a licensee could want. So frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter if it is a 2-by-2 or 3-by-3 model cube or even if it looks like a snake. The operating system will be able to manage and control how the cubes in the device interact, making it a powerful platform for all sorts of potential devices. Distributed computing occurs in parallel with 8 modules. The operating system maintains its integrity. At the same time, it allows you to reconfigure the device, and configuration can be changed all the time. Geometrically it is in constant change by the user. Furthermore, the operating system prioritizes the user’s actions. For example, while a smartphone or a computer can ignore user input if it isn’t ready, our device cannot ignore being turned. Think about it; when you turn the device, you are changing its geometry. This means the OS has to handle the user’s actions first over all other routing procedures.

So, we have developed the operation system, an open API, and a Software Development Kit to allow independent developers to create their own applications and make it available for download through the WOWCube® Application store. Anyone who wants to play more games can download any application on the WOWCube® Application store to the device. And anyone who wants to develop an application could do so by using the SDK.

Different games from different genres like arcade, maze, puzzle, word, and classical educational games could be played with the WOWCube® system. The main difference from the puzzle is that you can run many different games on the cube, more than one game, and they are not necessary should be puzzles. Heroes, game characters move from side to side. You control the game by switching geometry. Through holes such as from top to the bottom could be used as a game challenge and it’s not available in other gaming devices. We could change the complexity of the game scene and the script of the game in real-time. We can even make the games multiplayer by playing together, tracking each other’s scores, or share a replay of a completed game. At the moment we have about 10 different games of different genres like Butterflies, Steam Pipes, Pong, 2048, Cut The Rope, Pac-Man, Scrabble, and much more in production.

Everyone could find something interesting in WOWCube® system. We believe it will be interesting for kids as it’s the combination of modern interesting video games and classical interesting puzzles. For those who need to have something to pass the time while waiting or traveling, WOWCube® system will be the best friend. At house it could be used not only as a game device but as a décor element or night lamp or smart home assistant – it all depends on your imagination. It’s good for people who experience stress at work as the research found that fidgeting lowers the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. WOWCube® system could help to get distracted and relax. The WOWCube® system requires motor coordination and dexterity skills and we believe it can help to develop the motor-to-brain skills of children, help to support brain activity in senior people and even bolster motor recovery in persons with neurological challenges. As you know, thinking and fine hand motor skills are both involved in games obviously connected to mental activity. Most of the studies we have found respond positively to the development of children or adults who constantly play such puzzles. We have not conducted research on the impact of the WOWCube® system on cognitive abilities, but there is reason to believe that this will work just like with twisty puzzles. In addition to many of the newly discovered benefits of video game playing, like improved spatial reasoning, peripheral vision, and attention to detail, the WOWCube® system's dynamic interaction forces the player to rotate the device can decrease myopism.

About Cubios Inc.: is a company based in San Rafael, CA which focuses on hi-tech consumer robotic toys and entertainment game platforms design, development, marketing, and distribution. CubiOs inc. was founded as an independent research, development, and manufacturing company focused on cutting-edge technologies. CubiOs Studio is a game studio for Digital Apps & Widgets.